Welcome to the hotel and apartments «Novgorod»

A modern, comfortable hotel in Veliky Novgorod.
We deserve to be the goal of your trip.

Apartment A combination of charming, modern, tried and true.

The whole great history of Russia in one place

Recreation in Veliky Novgorod can be diverse. Full of adventure, excitement and adrenaline. Or soothing and relaxing. In any case, this is something that will always remain in your memory.

The city is famous for its wonderful medieval churches and monuments, in particular the St. Sophia Cathedral, built in the XI century. The oldest buildings in Russia are located in this small city, which is not difficult to get around on foot.

Varlaamo-Khutyn Monastery

Rurikovo Settlement

Antoniev Monastery

Yuriev Monastery


Alekseevskaya Tower

Tithe Monastery

Yaroslav ‘s Courtyard

St. Sophia Cathedral

The Lord’s Chamber

Our apartments are an ideal base for exploring the region in all its diversity, to spend time with friends and family, to be active or just to do things that you would never have time for.

We have two passions at the Novgorod Hotel: family and sports. And one vision: a vacation that really looks like a vacation. No checklists, schedules, or meetings. But there are many moments that will stay with you. We have created a space for this vision — a hotel that has been part of our family for three generations.

Contacts and Addresses

Apartment "Rechnaya"

Russia, Velikiy Novgorod, Rechnaya street, 4

Apartment "Home comfort"

Russia, Velikiy Novgorod, Rechnaya street, 4

Apartment "Home heat"

Russia, Velikiy Novgorod, Rechnaya street, 8


8 (911) 611-12-13



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