About us

If when choosing a hotel or a hotel you are guided by the following characteristics: comfort of rooms, location, compliance of rooms with European hotel standards, price, then the Novgorod hotel fully meets your wishes.

Family business

We have two passions at the Novgorod Hotel: family and sports. And one vision: a vacation that really looks like a vacation. No checklists, schedules or meetings, but lots of moments that will stay with you. We have created a space for this vision – a hotel that has been part of our family for three generations.

Novgorod is a private cozy hotel with a fund of 16 comfortable rooms in a classic style. The hotel is located on the site of the formation of the history of Veliky Novgorod. Here you can rent a room for daily rent, book it in any way convenient for you, via the Internet (on-line) or directly upon check-in.


Адрес отеля:

Великий Новгород, ул. Черняховского, 14

Адреса аппартаментов:

"Домашнее тепло": Великий Новгород, Речная улица, 8

"Домашний уют": Великий Новгород, Речная улица, 4

"Речная": Великий Новгород, Речная улица, 4

Телефон для справок

8 (911) 611-12-13



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